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Astini, Ricardo A.
Dávila, Federico M.
Collo, Gilda

Gomez, Fernando
Martina, Federico
del Papa, Cecilia

Research Student

Nobile, Julieta.
Martini, Mateo A.
Maza, Santiago.

Federico M. Dávila
Ph.D., Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (2003); Postdoc, Cornell (2004)
Assistant Professor
Phone: +54 351-4344980/81

Degree in Geology at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) in 1999, and PhD at UNC in 2003 on “Andean tectonic and sedimentation of the Famatina Belt in western Argentina”. Immediately after graduating as a Geologist I spent some time training my self on Andean forearc basins (Tumbes-Talara basin, N Peru-S Ecuador) as a Junior in Oil industry; and in the the Eastern Cordillera structure in NW Argentina and S Bolivia together with IAMGOLD corporation. The target of my Ph.D. research was to understand the partitioning of the Andean foreland in the flat-slab segment. This was afterwards the topic of a year long post-doc stay in Cornell University under the supervision of Terry Jordan and the Andean Group. I also assisted Ricardo Astini, my Ph.D advisor, in Paleozoic studies carried out by in W and NW Argentina. During my PhD studies I had an overseas training aside Chris Schmidt (Western Michigan University) and presented a Seminar in Cornell University.
In March 2004 my family and I moved to Ithaca (USA) for a postdoc stay at Cornell University, supervised by Dr. Teresa Jordan. There I worked on seismic interpretation and basin analysis of the Atacama and Calama Basins, N Chile, and began my studies on dynamic topography in the Andean foreland.
Since 2005 I am a research staff at the CONICET (National Research Council of Argentina) and an assistant professor of Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis at UNC.

Research Interest
My main research interests are basin analysis and Andean tectonics in different regions of W, NW and central Argentina, as well as in S Bolivia and central and northern Chile. I am currently analyzing the influence of supracrustal and sublithospheric loadings on foreland subsidence in Argentina, from a stratigraphic point of view. I am using the flat-slab broken foreland as a natural lab. I also continue collaborating with the Andes Project of Cornell University and Chilean colleagues in different projects in northern Chile about Altiplano plateau formation. I am also supporting the various projects on pre-Andean evolution of Paleozoic and Mesozoic basins along the Andes as stuff of the Basin Analysis Lab, at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. This work allows evaluating the influence of the pre-Cenozoic configurations and evolutionary stages on the present-day configuration of the Andean belt.

Research Project
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